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25 Albums – Start off Ginger-ly with #25

Welcome to November. This month I will talk about albums. LP’s, records, vinyl. Something I used to listen to before CD’s and I-Pod shuffle, Spotify and Pandora. Full length albums with sleeves and liner notes and sometimes lyrics if you were lucky. Albums that were enjoyed in their entirety while drinking wine, beer or enjoying a smoke of some sort. Albums with crackling sounds because I wore them out. This is something that is lost on today’s generation.

First up will be a list of the top 25 albums I listened to frequently that stuck in my head for years Albums I never grew tired of.

However, the only thing different about these albums is most people never heard them. But they should.

I will be reviewing each album on a daily basis. Don’t worry, it will be interesting. In fact, I hope it will inspire you to check them out.

Now, if you know any of these albums, let me know. I will be very impressed.

Number 25 – Baker, Gurvitz Army (1974)

Featuring drummer Ginger Baker, best known as the drummer of power trio Cream, featuring Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce.

Ginger had a few side projects, including Ginger Baker’s Air Force, but This band was really quite good. Like Cream, a trio, featuring brothers Adrian and Paul Gurvitz on guitar and bass, respectively.

They had two decent albums and disbanded. Too bad. I listened to it a lot in high school while under the “influence”. Years later, I discovered it sounded good while not under the “influence” (ok, you get it, I will stop with the ” “)

Baker Gurvitz Army – Mad Jack


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