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25 Albums – Crack Open #24

My high school buddy, Jimmy Pokorny (lord knows where he is now) a.k.a “Mad Jim”, loved to buy albums more than I did. He would buy albums from bands he never heard based solely on the album cover. He would never admit he bought a bad album. It was crazy, but it introduced both of us to so much music that never got airplay.

One of the bands that always stuck in my head over the years is a band from West Virginia called “Crack The Sky”. They were considered a progressive rock band, but had some funky pop stylings that were different from the usual middle of the road bands we heard back then. Some compared them to early Steely Dan. Listening now, I can hear the similarities.

I bought the second album called “Animal Notes” and I think I spent an entire summer playing it.

Led by singer/songwriter, John Palumbo, Crack The Sky explored different styles with a rock edge and lyrics that made you laugh out loud at times.

I remember buying the entire catalog of about three records, but after Palumbo left, they never really went anywhere. John Palumbo pursued a solo career but it fizzled. They still release albums and perform a few shows. I never got to see them back in the day and really have no desire to see them now. Their time has passed.

Great band and a classic album you probably never heard.

Crack The Sky – We Want Mine


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2 responses to “25 Albums – Crack Open #24

  1. rocknrollnick ⋅

    I havent been able to get into the last two songs/bands…. Im took into bwwwaaaggghhhh… how about some Stinky Toys next! ha ha

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