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25 Albums – Raw Blues at #21

Keep in Mind, I am posting these albums in the order I discovered them, so release dates are not chronological. I am also resisting a rating system since I feel that music should not be based on some system of scoring. That is up to critics and I have no use for them, much less want to act like one. These are albums that stuck with me over time and I feel are worth talking about.

On with the story.

Mad Jim had a hippie Uncle Sal who had some old records up in his attic / loft. A great place to lay back, smoke some cheap Mexican grass and discover some grooves. Uncle Sal had the usual hippie collection. Grateful Dead, Hendrix, Joplin, etc.

But, since we were always looking for something new we found one called Raw Sienna by a band called Savoy Brown. We just slapped it on the turntable without thinking.

As we continued to float into the stratosphere once again, the sounds emitted from this newly found band.

I wasn’t listening to blues at this point but this album blew my mind the first time I heard it and it still speaks to me today. It opened a door for me to explore. I had to hear more. I owned about 10 Savoy Brown albums, but always came back to Raw Sienna.

Savoy Brown was a blues band with a cult following in the 60’s. They have close to 40 albums and still tour today. However, they have changed members more than I change my underwear (twice a month).

This incarnation of the band included Kim Simmonds on lead guitar, Roger Earl on Drums, Lonesome Dave Peverett on guitar and Tony Stevens on bass (these three would later form Foghat). Singer Chris Youlden was the front man with bluesy soulful vocals that ripped your heart out.

This is an amazing album and even if you hate the blues, this one will hit you. It’s simple, real, and just so good. Play it at a party and people will say “what is this? I really like it.” Or play it by yourself.

Love this album and if I had to rate it, it would be in my top 50 for sure.

Savoy Brown-When I Was  Young Boy


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