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Paul is Dead

Surrounded by friends with varied musical tastes, I noticed one band always came up in conversation. The Beatles. If you have been following my story, you would know that I gave up on The fab four back in 1966 at the age of 9. (not too late to catch up, go back to the first post) Now that my musical explorations had reached sophisticated levels it was time to re-explore this phenomena. Everyone still talked about them. Will there ever be a better band? Will they ever get back together?

I started with the album that threw me off the Beatle train. Rubber Soul. I had the US version. As soon as the opening track “I’ve Just Seen A Face” hit I knew what everyone was talking about. By the chorus, I was caught up.

Over the next few months, I bought every Beatles album and listened to only The Beatles. So much that my mother was concerned. “Steven…there is more to life than The Beatles”. She was wrong.

I heard through a friend, don’t remember who, that there was a Paul McCartney death rumor that went around circa 1967. This blew my mind.

I dug up as much as I could about this rumor. I don’t know why I was suddenly so obsessed but it took hold of me. To this day, I find it fascinating.

Anyway, I did get into The Beatles quite religiously. Every note from 1966 to 1969 is pure heaven. I can sit here and critique every song, but who would want to. It’s all brilliant, innovative, and unexplainably some of the greatest music ever made in the history of the universe.

I go into spurts with The Beatles. I listen to them straight for weeks, then I get sick of them and stop for a year. Eventually I return and I am amazed all over again.

They piss me off sometimes, especially Paul, mostly Paul, well, only Paul. Every Christmas seems to bring out some new remastered, recycled, refurbished versions of the same songs. I bought into Anthology, Cirque Du Soleil Love, and almost bought all the remasters, but stopped short of that ridiculous purchase.

But I will say that after hearing over 10,000 records (slight exaggeration), Abbey Road remains my all-time favorite album. Nothing comes close for me. Nothing. A masterpiece.

For more on the death rumor, here is a great website that really explains every detail and clue of the rumor. It’s very eerie and scary and to this day, I wonder.

The Beatles – Abbey Road (full album)


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  2. rocknrollnick ⋅

    I love the “clues” on abbey road and sgt peppers about how Paul is really dead. It’s funny you say paul pissed you off that much because to me its really only after the Beatles that I can say he truly pissed me off, some of ym top beatles songs are most frequently by paul

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