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25 Albums – Roxy ‘n’ Roll at #18

Discovering Bowie was like letting a wild animal out to discover new music. A whole new genre of music opened up. I loved the sound of the glam era. I listened to Mott The Hoople, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Sweet, and reaquainted myself with glam-rockers T. Rex and Slade. Even The Rolling Stones (Goat’s Head Soup) and Lou Reed (Transformer) experimented in glam. I loved it all.

Mad Jim didn’t take too kindly to the glam movement and we suddenly started to develop separate tastes in music. He was stuck in the “loud” genre. It had to have screaming guitar solos and that macho rock attitude. The idea of a guy wearing a dress probably scared him.

Not that I was suddenly shopping at Loehman’s, I enjoyed the personality, the sense of humor and that weird, creative music. It was just fun. I got the joke.

Many of the bands in this era intrigued me, but few more than Roxy Music. The wall of synthesizers and guitars and saxes were a perfect fit for the sexually charged vocal stylings of Bryan Ferry. Ferry was the coolest guy I have ever encountered in rock n roll. Suave, debonair, yet somewhat creepy. Kind of Elvis Presley meets Stalin. His growling quivering vocals were an instrument of its own.

The album that caught my eye was “Country Life”, mostly because their were two half-naked girls on the cover, but oh, the sounds of those songs were just amazing. “The Thrill Of It All”, “Out Of The Blue”, “Casanova”, “All I Want Is You”, “Prairie Rose”. Actually I love every single song on this album.  I couldn’t get enough of Roxy Music. I bought all their albums in one visit to Record Stop.

However, I had no idea they were all so different. The first two Roxy Music Albums are strikingly different from the rest. One reason. Some guy who just called himself Eno and was listed on the album as “treatments.” The first two albums are very strange. I had a hard time getting into them, at first. Stranded and Country Life were the first two without Eno, and they didn’t really miss him. Stranded was a bit spotty, but Country Life is just brilliant.

Sadly, the follow-up, SIren was not as good. Eventually Roxy Music ventured into some kind of loungy smoke-filled bar act. They lost the edge and  I lost interest. They made a comeback with the “Manifesto” album, but still something was missing.

Bryan Ferry went on to make a slew of very good albums covering other artists, brilliantly. Especially his first album, simply titled “Bryan Ferry” and one called “This Is Tomorrow”. Both excellent albums. Very few artists can interpret a song like Bryan Ferry. I have always been and will alway be a fan.

I was fortunate to see Roxy Music in 1980 and they blew me away. Amazing band.

Here is a live clip from the tour I saw (I love You tube)

Roxy Music – The Thrill Of It All (live)


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2 responses to “25 Albums – Roxy ‘n’ Roll at #18

  1. rocknrollnick ⋅

    Bryan Ferry is a lounge singer who someone gave PCP to and didnt tell him what it was

  2. marlhtv

    What is a Bowie? :^P Did you know he keeps a binder filled with all the lyrics to his songs on stage somewhere at all times? That is a true story. It just makes him feel safe having them around.

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