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25 Albums – A Stooge hits #15

Hungry for more origins of the punk scene, I went to the source. You guessed it. Nipo. He finally introduced me to one of his favorite maniacs. Iggy pop. Iggy was known for his outrageous behavior at live shows. Spreading peanut butter all over his bare chest and diving into the audience. Rolling around on broken glass and overall general insanity in the midst of distortion filled raucous rock n roll.

Whenever I read about the Ramones and other punk bands, they always cited The Stooges, led by Iggy Pop, as their biggest influence. Naturally, I had to hear this.

The Stooges, Fun House album was my first introduction. With the opening track “Down On The Street”, I was thrown into the seedy, grimy world of Iggy and the Stooges. It was like The Doors with balls.

What an amazing album this is. Every song is like a live performance. The Stooges bring you right into their torture chamber of rock n roll. It’s sleazy, dirty, messy, loud and raw. Iggy growls and howls like a caged animal. What’s not to love?

Highlights are “Dirt”, “1970”, “TV Eye”, “Loose, “Fun House, “Down On The Street”. The album ends with a freeform, feedback filled assault with “LA Blues”, complete with howling Iggy.

The Stooges first album is also a masterpiece hailed as the true beginning of the punk explosion. It takes lessons from garage bands like the MC5, and The Seeds and just pushes it to a new level of fury unmatched since.

Iggy went on his own with some decent solo albums, specifically “Lust For Life” and “New Values”. Both great albums.

I was fortunate to see Iggy perform on the “Lust For Life” tour, with opening act The Ramones. What a show. He performs at a level that most rock stars can only dream of.

One of the best, a true inspiration and the meaning of seedy, dirty ass, filthy rock n roll.

Henry Rollins said it best. “When I listen to The Stooges I want to punch someone in the fucking face”

In case you were wondering, Mad Jim loved the Stooges. He was finally coming around.

There will never be another band like The Stooges.

The Stooges – Down On The Street


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2 responses to “25 Albums – A Stooge hits #15

  1. Gerard ⋅

    This song sounds good. To be honest i only knew Iggy’s The Passenger and Lust For Life and a really awful live version of YRGM, but will be checking out some YT-clips of The Stooges.

  2. Love the imagery in this post specifically the the line about the stooges rock n roll torture prison ha ha. The Stooges are the Godfathers of punk

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