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25 Albums – Elvis Is King #7

Stiff Records was in full swing. The first couple of albums came out. The Damned was the first album, produced by Nick Lowe, of course. The Damned were a typical punk rock, three chord band, but fun as all hell to listen to. The song “New Rose” still remains as one of my all time favorite punk songs. They went on to cult status and still make albums today.

Finally, Elvis Costello’s long anticipated first album was released. Again, Nick Lowe produced. I couldn’t wait to hear what else this guy was thinking. He was already a legend and deemed as the new “Dylan” with his apparent songwriting prowess.

“My Aim Is True” showed our hero in a Buddy Holly stance holding his guitar like a machine gun. He was ready to fire away. And he did.

From the opening assault of “Welcome To the Working Week”, My Aim is True is a masterpiece. This album is chockfull of classic Costello. “Miracle Man”, “No Dancing”, “Red Shoes”, “Waiting For The End Of The World”. Anger, bitterness, double entendre and brilliant wordplay ensued. A tender ballad called “Alison” was cleverly disguised since it was clearly about murdering an ex-girlfriend who Elvis finds is made unhappy by her new husband. “I think somebody better put out the big light cuz I can’t stand to see you this way. My aim is true” (sincerity in murder)

What an entrance Elvis made. The critics were in love. WNEW and WPIX, the only two radio stations not playing Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, were infatuated with this new find. Could this be the artist that breaks it all wide open?

Elvis was signed by Columbia Records. The corporate giant that Stiff Records worked so hard to rebel against was now embracing one of their own. I imagine there must have been some mixed emotions. It was the beginning of the end of Stiff Records, and perhaps the entire punk rock movement. Elvis went where others failed. into the mainstream. Or so it seemed.

The masses were not amused, especially in the US. They didn’t get the joke. The audacity to call himself Elvis. Who the hell is this guy? Hatred for Elvis was so evident that even I, the rebel with a cause, hid my admiration for the new King. However, the Elvis cult was already in full force.

Elvis turned out to be more than advertised. Writing a song practically every week. He released more material in three years than probably any artist in history. the guy was prolific, smart and a music aficionado. He combined styles of music and threw them in a blender and created his own sound. Lyrics about suicide, pain, guilt, anger, bitterness, stalking, and self-destruction. He didn’t get screwed over by the opposite sex. He got even. All this under the guise of pop hooks galore. Sometimes three or four different hooks in the same song.

The first four Elvis Costello albums are perfect, covering every genre with expertise. “My Aim Is True”, “This Year’s Model”, “Armed Forces” and “Get Happy” are four amazing records. He takes time to enjoy for some, but worth the time.

Through his 35 year career, he went country, jazz, opera, classical, and lounge and back to rock, pop and back to country. Elvis does what Elvis does. He has earned a ridiculous amount of respect and no hit singles. He collaborated with everybody from Burt Bacharach, Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Allen Toussaint, and just seems to show up everywhere.

To this day, he remains one of the best songwriters of the past 35 years. Misunderstood by many, even me. He is never afraid to change direction and he fails, sometimes miserably, but he doesn’t care. I admire his tenacity and bravery.

Seen him live a dozen times and always love his performance. it’s like hanging out with an old friend.

Forever a fan, forever forgiving. Forever waiting for his next release to be something as good as those first four.

Elvis is King !

Elvis Costello – Red Shoes


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3 responses to “25 Albums – Elvis Is King #7

  1. Gerard ⋅

    Though normally ballads are not my style, I am definitely a soccer for ‘I Want You’. Perfect with all the silences in the song.

  2. His first album is perfect Armed Forces and This Years Model are very amusing and the wordplay is still brilliant, and Get happy! is a nice homage to motown, but hold crap does he dump ass after that.

  3. I have respect for him, but for me he is the ULTIMATE hit and miss artist of all time

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