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25 Albums – Some Nerve #2

Since I was a loyal punk rocker I had made it a point to hate anything related to corporate rock, old-time rock stars, and anything popular. With the exception of the KinKs, who never achieved the level of popularity to be angry at, I hated all the big name stars. Even the Who to a certain extent. As much as I loved the early stuff, Pete Townshend was very outspoken about the punk movement claiming it was unoriginal. Jealousy. Billy Joel, who I hated anyway, had the audacity to put out an awful song “Still Rock n Roll To Me”, which was a blatant attack on the whole scene. again, jealousy from an irrelevant hack.

Yes, I was pissed. I only liked the new music. Anything put out by Yes, or Led Zeppelin was laughable to me. I hated it before hearing one note.

But then…

The Rolling Stones  came out  of hibernation to release an album called “Some Girls”. Believe me I wanted to hate it so bad. But I didn’t. The Stones managed to release an album that somehow was relevant in the midst of the punk explosion. This is just a fun rock n roll album. They didn’t put it down, they joined in.

The album opened up with a disco style “Miss You”. I wasn’t that impressed but I didn’t hate the song. Then, BOOOM. The Stones let loose with “When The Whip Comes Down”, “Respectable”, “Lies” and “Shattered”. These guys were as good as any of the punk bands. They should have been. They were the Rolling Stones for crying out loud.

What I really loved about this album is they didn’t try to imitate or degrade the punk movement. They just did what they did best. I was a rejuvenated Rolling Stones fan. I respect them, admire them and love them dearly. Great job Mick and Keith.

I was fortunate to see The Rolling Stones during the Some Girls tour at an unannoucned warm up gig they did at The Capital Theater in New Jersey. Alan Tesman (RIP), a buddy from Record World, got tickets from his father who worked for Warner Bros. records. It was a spur of the moment opportunity. I woke up that morning like any other morning, and that night I was in the 10th row seeing The Rolling Stones. I am still tingling as I am writing about it now. I remember saying “I could die after this show and my life would be complete”. That good.

I hope they go for another 50 years….well maybe not..

Here is my absolute favorite clip of the boys. You can’t sit down during this performance. BRILLIANT

Rolling Stones – Respectable


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8 responses to “25 Albums – Some Nerve #2

  1. Gerard ⋅

    I have tried The Stones, and since I allways measure by live-acts, I lend three live-albums from the library of them from each different decades. It sounded the same to me, and didn’t do a thing for me. Still I ofcourse know most of their hits and aren’t hating them. One song of them I just love: Undercover of the Night…. Especially the beginning is magnificent.

  2. Hey, Steve. First of all, kudos to you on your music series. It seems we share a taste in music if not politics.
    “Some Girls” was the first Stones album I actually bought and it’s a classic. I’m currently having a bit of a Stones moment as I just watched their “Crossfire Hurricane” documentary twice and bought their new greatest hits compilation. I think that “Wild Horses” and “Angie” are just heart-breakingly beautiful, but they can also write great blues-influenced songs like “Tumbling Dice” and “Honky Tonk Woman.” In a way, they’re the ultimate American band, so much are they influenced by American musical styles.
    I’m also rediscovering Elton John’s “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player.” Listen to to harmonies and arrangements on a song like “High-Flying BIrd.” They just don’t make songs like that anymore.

  3. This is #2 behind Exile On Main Street as my all time favorite Stones albums. Some Girls is an explosion of ferocity especially on Respectable! This album fit nicely into the punk movement as well as being a nice comeback for the Stones without separating themselves from the sound that had taken them to the top of the charts. Dont forget about maybe the best Keith Richard’s penned song Before They Make Me Run. Yah know what Some Girls may be my FAVORITE Stones album! ha ha too bad Emotional Rescue sucks ass

    • Because Tattoo You was also a solid album

      • Stevie GB

        Nick…remember you are looking at everything in a rear view mirror. I was actually there witnessing this album in the midst of the punk rock explosion. It completely caught me by surprise. The Rolling Stones scored mega points with me when this came out. It held up over time, rightfully so. I didn’t even mention one of their biggest hits “Beast of Burden” is on here as well as one of their greatest covers “Just My Imagination”. A solid album all around.

  4. YES my all time fave stones cover is Imagination, Love it…. Well the preacher kept right on saying
    That all I had to do was send ten dollars
    To the church of the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus,
    Located somewhere in Los Angeles, California
    And next week they’d say my prayer on the radio
    And all my dreams would come true

  5. Some Girls is the only Stones Album that I really ever could wrap my head around. And I agree about the Kinks. Funny how many people who hate mostly everything have a soft spot for Ray can company…

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