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Concert of a Lifetime

I have been to well over 150 concerts. I stopped counting a long time ago. I’ve seen everybody I have ever wanted to see at least once, with the exception of The Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison. Saw Paul McCartney twice. Seen The Kinks 14 times, Elvis Costello 12 times, and just about all my other favorites at least two or three times. It’s been a good run and I ain’t finished. Justin Bieber next week (kidding)

One of my greatest concert experiences was The Rolling Stones at The Capital Theater in New Jersey. 10th row center at the beginning of the “Some Girls” tour (1978?)…wow…hard to top would think…

Not the best concert night of my life.

October 25th, 1978, The day before my 21st birthday, I got the chance to see David Bowie at Madison Square Garden. Scalped 3rd row center for $70 per ticket (a boatload of money in those days). I went with a girl I was dating. Cute little blonde who called herself Sinful Sindy (those details are in the vault). Sindy was not only a Bowie fan, but a huge Nick Lowe fan. Perusing through the Village Voice, the best source for concerts at the time, I noticed Nick Lowe and Rockpile were playing at The Bottom Line, the same night as the David Bowie concert. There was an 11:30 show. Was this doable? Of course it was.

This was my first time seeing Bowie and it was better than expected. He is one of the best live performers in history. Amazing show and still hailed as one of his best tours.

Sinful Sindy and I ran out of the Garden to the subway to get to The Bottom Line in time for the 11:30 show of Nick and Rockpile. The Bottom Line was a small place, pretty much a bar. We got there in time. We look around the audience and start to recognize some people.

David Johannsen (New York Dolls), Robert Gordon and Richard Hell were at a corner table. As I am looking around, Sindy says, “Look, It’s Elvis Costello”. It was. EC walked right in front of us. Bowie, Elvis, Nick, David Jo, all in one night? It gets better.

Sindy convinced me to go over and talk to Elvis. She knew what a fan I was. I did. He was aloof and a bit testy, just how I wanted him to be. He did smile when I said “I have been a fan since Stiff 11”, signed the back of a menu card and I was in rock n roll heaven.

Rockpile hit the stage with the force of a hurricane. Rocked through about 15 songs without stopping. Until they invited a special guest to the stage for a medley of Chuck Berry songs.

None other than Keith Richards. So, now the list was Bowie, Nick, Elvis, David Jo, Robert Gordon, Richard Hell, and Keith Richards.

It was a night of a thousand rock stars.

Sinful Sindy and I broke up after I discovered she was dating at least three other guys at the time. She lived up to her name.

But who cares about her when we got YOU TUBE

I found it. I was at this show:

Rockpile w/Keith Richards


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3 responses to “Concert of a Lifetime

  1. Gerard ⋅

    Holy cow, what a rocknight to attend! You must have been in a daze for days after it.

  2. Welp I think very few people can have that list of names in their repertoire in one night…..including Sinful Cindy ha ha

  3. Michael Maccarrone ⋅

    I only saw Rockpile once, and that was at Belmont Park with Blondie. I have about 80 slides I took that evening, all of them beautiful. Such an amazing show!!

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