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I figured out what is missing in today’s music.


Green Day’s Billy Jo Armstrong recently smashed his guitar on stage at a show and immediately announced that he was going into rehab. Did Pete Townshend go into rehab? Well, maybe later, but certainly not back in the days when he smashed hundreds of guitars.

Where is the aggression? Where is the “fuck you” attitude? Where are the BALLS ?

Musicians are afraid to challenge the status quo because it’s virtually impossible to get record companies to invest in them beyond one hit single.

Kids are posting on my space and you tube in hopes of gaining enough of a following to attract record companies. The few that do end up a flash in the pan act or have to bow to “the man” to get another shot.

There is no development of acts. No chances to fail. One shot and your out. NEXT !

NO BALLS to switch genres. NO BALLS to make a concept album.

They are forced to make the same record over and over and over, or just over once, then they are over.

Where will the creativity come from? How will a new style of music ever be discovered.

It’s all about sales now.

Don’t get me wrong. It was always like this, but now it seems to be worse. Unless I am not looking in the right places.

Somebody please prove me wrong. I don’t want to be this grouchy old bastard anymore saying “back in my day” and “you young kids with your music”

Sadly, even many of the younger generation I run into agree with me.

Show me BALLS…no wait…don’t do that…

The Who – My Generation (Smothers Bros.)


About Stevie GB

60 year old stand up comedian from Long Island. My approach to comedy is telling the truth about being married, middle aged and living in the suburbs. I enjoy making people laugh without making them feel uncomfortable. My act is clean and clever. Featured in Newsday and on News12. Winner of the Huntington Arts Council Laff-off, 2006. 3rd place winner of LI Press Best of LI 2011, A regular on The Long Island Comedy Festival for 9 consecutive years. Opened for Dennis Miller, Louie Anderson, Kevin Pollak, Bobby Collins, Bob Nelson, Uncle Floyd, Kevin Meaney, and many more.

2 responses to “No BALLS

  1. Gerard ⋅

    It’s difficult to find them and they aren’t completely successfull with it, but some do try.. Arctic Monkeys go their own way, Franz Ferdinand explicitly tried besides a rock-part also a poppy- concert part on Tonight, and Jack White does all kind of different things. Little lights in the darkness.

    A complete change of style can make us interested but also pure horror.. how Jefferson Airplane ended through Jefferson Starship into Starship was plain brrrrr.

  2. rocknrollnick ⋅

    SO TRUE….Personality and balls have been castrated from modern music

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