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Radio Radio

As a lifelong music fan with a tendency to get bored I am always searching for new music. I listen to the right radio station. WFUV out of Fordham University in The Bronx. College radio for old farts like me. There are even some of my old favorite DJ’s on there. Vin Scelsa, Dennis Elsas, and many others in the radio business long enough to remember the days when music mattered. I was saddened last year at the sudden passing of Pete Fornatel, another radio legend.

I can’t listen to any other station. WBAB and a couple of others play the same old classic rock and crap rock. If I never hear Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” ever again, I would be very happy.

Enough already.

Anyway, there are some great radio shows on WFUV you should really get to know.

First of all, I may be off on the schedule. Please consult for the up to date info.

Vin Scelsa airs his classic show “Idiot’s Delight” every Saturday night at 8pm to 10pm (approx.) This is a show he did on WNEW back in the 70’s and it’s worth a listen.

Following Vin is Marshall Krenshaw’s show “The Bottomless Pit”. Marshall had a couple of hits in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Google him and you will say “oh yeah, I like that song”. He is one of those guys. His show is an eclectic mix of blues, weird 50’s and 60’s records. you get the feeling he is playing his personal collection. I love that in between songs these guys actually talk about the artists and the history of the songs. Something you never hear from the screaming noise of the other stations.

Other programs on FUV include The World Cafe, Mixed Bag and The Alternate Side, and many others.

This is the only station where you will hear new artists and old artists. Deep album cuts and not the usual hits. I have been listening for at least 15 years and not once have I heard “Wish You Were Here”.

It’s great and commercial free. Once a year they subject you to fund drives but they don’t overdo it and I thank god they are around. It’s the only thing worth listening to on the radio.

WUSB Stonybrook is also good, but hit and miss. I enjoy a morning show called The Workhorse.

Other than that, radio sucks BIGTIME.

Elvis Costello – Radio Radio


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3 responses to “Radio Radio

  1. Gerard ⋅

    Same here.. the buzz in Radio-land is that it allways has to be a format. Sadly after a few days you recognise the playlists of the different stations. If only listening to those stations, then you miss 95% of all music…

  2. rocknrollnick ⋅

    One of the only radio stations worth listening too. I even tune in on the weekends for the Traditional Irish music ha ha. I love the late night stuff the best on the garage stuff and folk they play always catches my ears.

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