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When I’m sad, I slide

Immersed in sounds from the 8-track contraband incident of ’72, my thirst for any kind of new music became insatiable. Jimmy had introduced me to more bands with odd names, like Humble Pie and Savoy Brown. I loved it all.

There was a commercial on TV for a new band called T.Rex. Some weird looking guy with corkscrew hair was roaming around while Ringo Starr took pictures, all set to the backdrop of this chugging sound that said “buy me” in it’s own subliminal way.

So, I marched to Korvettes and did just that. I purchased my first album. T.Rex, the Slider. Jimmy also bought it, which didn’t make much sense since we always listened to records together. Nonetheless, I started my collection with The Slider.

From the opening track,  “Metal Guru” to the final track, “Main Man”, I was hooked on Marc Bolan’s droning voice and repetititve chords. More importantly, I loved the poetry of his lyrics. It was fun, sexually charged rock n roll. I played it over and over. I loved that album and still do today.

T.Rex was the beginning of my record collection. Pop idols in England, and only a passing fad in the states, T.Rex were the forerunners of the glam-rock revolution that followed.

Sadly, Marc Bolan died too young to continue his path of rock ‘n’ roll greatness, but his legend lives on.

Key albums for T. Rex newbies are the aforementioned “The Slider” and the excellent “Electric Warrior.” Both of these albums feature songs that have earned their rightful place as classics and Marc Bolan is often sited as one of the top innovators in rock ‘n’ roll history. Damn well deserved.

In my recollection, most of the other T. Rex albums were spotty at best, with some exceptional songs in between. Check out “20th Century Boy” to see what I am talking about.

I actually saw T. Rex once in concert as an opening act for Three Dog Night in 1973 at The Nassau Coliseum. They had trouble with the sound and Marc was pissed. He ripped off strings of his guitar and whipped it, leaving the Three Dog Night audience confused and leaving the stage way too early. I had no idea I was witnessing a true moment in rock history.

Rock on Marc Bolan…Rock on, yeah, yeah , yeah.

Daily Song:

T. Rex – Rock On


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2 responses to “When I’m sad, I slide

  1. Marc Bolan never got the rock n roll tragedy status that he truly deserved. Bolan and David Bowie were the top talents of glam.

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