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Today in Rock – January 20th


1982, During an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Des Moines, Iowa, a member of the audience threw a bat onto the stage. Stunned by the light, the bat lay motionless, and thinking it was a rubber fake, the singer picked it up and attempted to bite its head off. As he did this, the bat started to flap its wings and Ozzy soon realized it wasn’t fake but in fact a living thing. After the show Ozzy was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for rabies shots.

This is only one of many stories in which rock stars have been misunderstood.

Alice Cooper was once charged with killing a chicken during a concert.

Alice Cooper claims that the infamous “Chicken Incident” in September 1969 was an accident. A chicken somehow made its way onto the stage into the feathers of a feather pillow they would open during Cooper’s performance, and not having any experience around farm animals, Cooper presumed that, because the chicken had wings, it would be able to fly. He picked it up and threw it out over the crowd, expecting it to fly away. The chicken instead plummeted into the first few rows occupied by disabled people in wheelchairs, who reportedly proceeded to tear the bird to pieces.

The next day the incident made the front page of national newspapers, and Zappa phoned Cooper and asked if the story, which reported that he had bitten off the chicken’s head and drunk its blood on stage, was true. Cooper denied the rumor, whereupon Zappa told him, “Well, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone you didn’t do it, obviously recognizing that such publicity would be priceless for the band.

Cooper has been reported as saying “Colonel Sanders kills millions of chickens, nobody says a word”.

The most famous career destroying concert act belongs to Jim Morrison in Miami. According to the transcript, it went something like this

Jim Morrison, to the crowd: “You didn’t come here for music did you? You came for something more, didn’t you? You didn’t come to rock’n’roll, you came for something else didn’t you? You
came for something else –WHAT IS IT?” The audience recovered quickly from their initial shock and shouted all sorts of options. They weren’t really sure what they wanted, but Morrison was. ” You want to see my cock, don’t you? That’s what you came for isn’t it? YEAHHHH!” There was a long, screeching crescendo from the floor. What happened next is anyone’s guess, apparently, Morrison waved his shirt in front of his crotch in bullfighter tradition, he took it away for an instant and taunted. “See it? Did you see it?”

Hey, that’s what rock n roll is all about, right?

Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Wanna Stop


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  1. Gerard ⋅

    Ha ha, i believe Alice said in an interview that at one point he had to take his mum to a repetition to show how his hanging and beheading acts worked, since she got way too worried of all those stories.

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